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ASGE’s Recognized Industry Associate (ARIA) program is an intensive hands-on learning experience developed to engage industry sales and marketing professionals in an active learning experience, with unparalleled access to the same comprehensive and nonbiased educational content as healthcare providers. ARIA is an innovative training program designed to take your team’s clinical knowledge to the next level, supporting positive patient outcomes.

With increased pressure on the caliber of industry interactions with other healthcare professionals, your team must now deliver messages in ways that better speak to their targets’ needs.  This requires a deeper understanding of both the disease area and healthcare in general, and the adoption of more of a ‘partnering’ posture than has typically been the case.

By learning from and working side-by-side with world-class faculty expert in GI endoscopy through a combination of didactic instruction, practical experience, and hands-on training in ASGE’s bioskills lab, you will gain confidence to engage clinicians more interactively and comprehensively.

Participants who successfully complete the course and its objectives are awarded an ASGE Certificate of Completion, use of the ARIA seal, and a number of other prestigious recognition benefits and marketing tools.

Impact of ARIA Industry Training

ASGE conducts a pre- and post-test among all participants to gauge results of the course in terms of increased knowledge and understanding of the GI industry. Results are shared with the participants and their respective organizations. From its inception the results show a significant increase in participants’ basic GI knowledge. Avg score – pre-test: 60% Avg score – post-test: 93%

Basic ARIA Program

Through a live course developed for GI sales and marketing professionals, and created by leading GI experts, the ASGE Basic ARIA program creates a common language and a shared understanding for improved communication and more successful dialogue between clinicians and industry representatives, providing an overview of basic GI Anatomy and physiology, including commonly encountered GI diseases and their endoscopic findings; and a hands-on experience introducing both basic and endoscopic techniques.

This course offers a variety of critical presentations and one-on-one time with our nationally recognized faculty. Participants who successfully complete the ARIA course are recognized with the ASGE “ARIA Seal,” an ASGE Certificate of Completion, and receive a number of other prestigious recognition benefits and marketing tools.

Upcoming Course:

April 4, 2022

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Advanced ARIA Program


The Advanced ARIA Program is an educational program providing participants and opportunity to hear from leaders in the field of gastroenterology about how changes in healthcare policy and insurance reform will affect patients, practitioners, and industry partners, while highlighting our significant accomplishments and looking ahead to identify strategies to help improve patient care and job satisfaction in the future.  

This course offers of variety of tasks, panel discussions, small group sessions and one on one time with our nationally recognized faculty.

Upcoming Course:

November 7, 2022

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Customized Training Opportunities

ASGE offers customized training for organizations seeking dedicated GI training for their representatives. ASGE can provide additional curriculum topics to suit your training needs. For example:

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

a. Overview of IBD and extraintestinal manifestations 
b. IBD-diagnosis 
c. Medical therapies for IBD 
d. Surgical management of IBD 


Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

a.  Pathophysiology and Epidemiology of GERD
b.  GERD: Diagnosis 
c.  GERD: Medical, endoscopic and surgical management 
d.  Barrett's esophagus and Esophageal Cancer: Epidemiology, diagnosis and management 


Pancreaticobiliary Endoscopy 101

a.  The Bile Duct: Stones, strictures, tumors and other obstructing lesions 
b.  Don't mess with the pancreas: Understanding acute and chronic pancreatitis 
c.  Understanding ERCP and EUS: Tools of the Trade 


ARIA Graduates

ASGE Salutes Graduates of the ARIA Industry Training Course 

ARIA certificate_blankThe ASGE Recognized Industry Associate (ARIA) program is designed to enhance the interactions between clinicians and industry representatives. Those industry representatives who successfully complete a pre-test, a full day of intensive training, as well as a post-test, are awarded the ASGE Certificate of Completion, granted the use of the ASGE ARIA Program logo on their business cards, and receive a number of other prestigious recognition benefits marketing tools.

Congratulations to the 40 companies and over 600 representatives who have completed the ARIA industry training and have received their certificate of completion. ASGE is proud of your accomplishments and salutes your dedication and commitment to professionalism in the GI industry.

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